Your Zipper Is Showing

The Thin Line Between Stylish and Sophisticated

Imagine a beautiful dress or skirt with an exposed zipper. Now, imagine that same dress or skirt with a hidden zipper. Which do you prefer? There isn’t a wrong answer – its personal preference. However, what does hold true is that there is a thin line between sohpisticated and stylish.

Take, for instance, the picture above. The dress worn on the left possesses an element of sophistication, whereas the same dress shown on the right showcases more of a stylish element. Here’s how to determine whether your garment falls into the stylish category or the sophisticated category.

Sophisticated: “Your dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady”-Edith Head. A quote from one of Hollywood’s most iconic classic fashion designers and we couldn’t have said it better. Especially when it comes to a dress with an exposed zipper. If it’s a pinch too tight, your dress can go from classy to flashy. There are some dresses with an exposed zipper that are sexy and suggestive, and then there are those showing an exposed zipper that fall into the sophisticated category. The key distinction is in the fit of the dress and the width of the zipper. A true-to-size fit and a narrow zipper, keeps the dress in the sophisticated category.

Stylish: Stylish garments have a wide range of personality and are often seen as trends. A majority of dresses with exposed zippers tend to fall more into the stylish category. The nature of the exposed zipper is attention-grabbing and more stylish than subtle. A bold gold zipper, a noticeably wide zipper, or a zipper from thigh to bust, all fall into the stylish category. An easy way to determine whether a garment with an exposed zipper falls into the stylish category is if upon first look, the zipper strikingly stands out. That garment can definitely be classified as stylish.

Working with a clientele in a tailoring shop doesn’t always end in an alteration that changes the fit. You may find a garment and want its bold zipper to disappear. You may find a garment that could use the pizazz of an exposed zipper. Either way, that’s what us tailors and tailoresses are here for. Zip on in!

Cheryl Lofton is the owner of Cheryl A. Lofton & Associates, a premier full service tailoring company based in Washington DC., renown for precise alterations, bridal fittings and custom tailoring.  

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