The Convertible Cuff Dress Shirt

The Dress Shirt Every Professional Washingtonian Should Own

Many consider fashion in the nation’s capital to be conservative, professional, and polished. Whether a legislator in Congress, a staffer on Capitol Hill, or a professional in any industry in Washington, DC; there is one dress shirt that every Washingtonian should have: A Custom Dress Shirt with Convertible Cuffs.

For those unfamiliar with the convertible cuff, it’s the best kept secret in shirting. Convertible cuffs give you the option, flexibility, and versatility of wearing cufflinks or having your cuffs buttoned. As a Washingtonian (or any on-the-go professional), to be able to easily transition your look as you go from a day in the office to an evening reception is key. When wearing cufflinks with a convertible cuff dress shirt, the button closure is hidden by the cufflinks allowing a seamless transition into what appears to be a totally different shirt.

Versatility, sleekness, and the fact that this dress shirt is the ultimate two-fer are aesthetics every Washingtonian can appreciate. Not every occasion calls for a pair of cufflinks. A convertible cuff dress shirt gives you the option of something close to casual or one that is formal – allowing you to move seamlessly through your busy schedule. Because there is only one single layer of fabric and no need to fold up like a typical cufflink shirt, convertible cuff dress shirts are sleek and less bulky. When investing in a custom shirt, choosing convertible cuffs is an excellent choice and can really maximize your investment.

Convertible cuff dress shirts are a staple item for all working professionals who find themselves constantly on-the-go. They’re perfect for travel when you want to pack light, and they’re also great for those unexpected moments when you need to elevate your look with a pair of cufflinks. As Washington DC’s both historic and legendary tailoring company, we’ve outfitted many Washingtonians in both luxury and traditional custom convertible cuff dress shirts. Schedule your appointment with Cheryl A Lofton & Associates to receive a precise fitting and custom tailoring. You’ll then own the one must-have dress shirt that every professional Washingtonian should have.

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