Proper Fit

They’re Back!

They’re back!  Narrowed pencil skirts.  And they’re flattering to a variety of body types — as long as you find your perfect fit and coordinate it with the proper top and shoes.

The length of a pencil skirt should be determined by the way you intend to use it.  Is it a part of your work wardrobe?  Then just below the knee (when standing) is the appropriate length – unless you work in the arts or another very fashion-forward industry.  You’ll especially want to do this if your legs and knees are likely to be visible during meetings with colleagues or clients.  No one has ever whispered furtively to their coworker after a meeting, “Did you see how long her skirt was?”

If you do choose a shorter look for your pencil skirt, use it for a night out dancing or even just hanging out with friends. Pairing it with a cute pair of flats or a mid-sized heel, rather than a very high heel is usually the best look.  The holidays are nearly upon us, but let’s leave the “ho, ho, ho-ing” to Santa, shall we?

New skirts not in your budget?  You may want to consider converting some of your wider skirts that you already have into the pencil shape.  A consultation with your tailor can quickly help you to figure out which ones will work well — or not at all. Be sure to take a seat in your skirt after it has been pinned to make sure that you are comfortable with the fit and where the skirt hits you when seated.

And remember : If you haven’t mastered the art of bending at the knee (rather than at the waist) when picking something up – now is the time.  The song says, “Let It Snow,” not “Let It Show!”

Cheryl Lofton is the owner of Cheryl A. Lofton & Associates, a premier full service tailoring company based in Washington DC., renown for precise alterations, bridal fittings and custom tailoring.

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