The Return of the Power Suit

Whether it’s the political arena, the c-suite, or entrepreneurship, women are reaching record numbers in rising to leadership positions. “The Year of the Woman,” “The Future is Female,” and many other modern-day phrases are a constant reminder that today’s woman is bold, determined, and fearless.

After witnessing the historical 2017 Women’s March on Washington become the largest single-day protest in U.S. history, it’s clear that women are honing their power.

This power has translated right into the fashion world. Everyday women are fearlessly rebelling against the standard corporate dress code. Navy, knee-length skirt suits and unflattering, unshapely pant suits was once the norm for the professional settings. Now, wearing bright colors, patterns, and even ethnic designs is no longer a thing to shy away from. We applaud women that deviate from the norm to wear what empowers them. Female suiting originated as a social statement signifying female empowerment.

In 1914, the pioneer CoCo Chanel designed her first suit—a bold fur trimmed jacket with a matching ankle length skirt. This was during a time when women were being recruited to fill vacant positions left behind by men who went to fight during World War I. This was the beginning of women entering the workplace – and in large numbers. A woman wearing a suit was a fashion trend that exuded a level of respect.

Fashion trends come and go, but one undeniable and unmistakable power statement is a woman in a red suit. It’s known as the power suit. Regardless of the cut, shape, or material, a woman in a red suit has historically denoted power and female empowerment.

As the power structure of women rising to power is rapidly shifting, the power suit is returning with a vengeance. As one of DC’s longest standing tailor shop (and now woman-owned tailoring shop), we take great pride in dressing our everyday powerful women through custom alterations and custom clothing – tailored to exude professionalism and power.

Cheryl Lofton is the owner of Cheryl A. Lofton & Associates, a premier full service tailoring company based in Washington DC., renown for precise alterations, bridal fittings and custom tailoring.

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