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Golf Pants: Tailored To A “Tee”

Pictured: The late, great Calvin Peete. Think he had those trousers tailored?
*If you golf without pants, you may safely disregard this message.*
Ignoring for a moment any genuinely athletic pursuits, golf is largely a social game, a way to make time with friends, family, even clients and bosses. Whatever game you happen to be playing at on the links, it is a fair bet that your outward appearances is relevant to your success and, if you are like most people, to your overall enjoyment as well. The old, “look-good-feel-good,” so they say.
Polo/golf shirts and windbreakers are certainly the dominant fashion up top and there is a wide variety available. These garments do not really offer much opportunity for personalization or improvement, it’s more about choosing well, maybe shortening the odd sleeve. No, refinement on the course comes from the look and cut of the trouser. So, as directly as possible, how can Cheryl and her T Street Tailors help you look a better golfer? Here are some ideas to get you started:
Fit & Proportion. We are talking length, width, and overall aesthetic here. Many of today’s hip-hugger, skinny-leg chinos are inadequate for golfing’s required range of motion. That tearing sound you heard at tee off? Not good, my man. We want a roomier trouser with clean-laying lines which enhances your figure, not bagging, pulling, gathering, or any discomfort. As you are being viewed from a further distance away than usual … proportion is even more important than usual! Let a tailor show you how to accomplish this and Gatsby himself will be calling you “old sport”.
Practical Modifications. Here’s the thing about golf shirts … even before the advent of slippery “tech fabrics” it remained a challenge to keep the shirt tucked throughout the game. Look no further than the swinging motion, of course. A simple and oft-overlooked solution to this problem is one of many varieties of rubber- or siliconized bands which are sewn inside the trouser waistband. We call them Snugtex and they hold your shirt in by providing some good old-fashioned grip.
Aesthetic Modifications. Want suede piping over your fraying side pockets? No problem. Want your back pocket replaced with your club’s tartan cloth? How clever of you … Yes, we can do that.
Repairs. Crotch blown out in your lucky plaids? Extra tees poking a hole in your pocket? Waste not, my friend, those britches may be save-able yet. Bring them in and find out – we love breathing new life into your favorite clothes.
Repurposing. Can my old Dockers be turned into a country club dress-code compliant Bermuda short? Often. You found this crazy vintage madras trouser at an estate sale – can we make it work for you before next weekend’s tournament? Likely we can.
Full Custom. For the man who absolutely has to have plus fours or is otherwise particular or discerning, naturally. Maybe you’ve got a loud plaid you picked up on your last vacation, or you want a pair of mahogany cords made up for the Fall. Bring a picture or bring an idea, and let’s make something together. While custom is the most expensive route, it also yields the most exceptional results.
Got questions? Ideas? You’ve got “a guy” for this! Come see your tailor and let’s make it happen.
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