Proper Fit, Tailor Talk

(April) Fool’s Gold

So.. You’ve finally found a great deal on that gold sequined dress you’ve been eyeballing for months. After a drought of social life since Spring 2020, you want to be ready when the 2021 holidays roll around.

The only problem is that your beloved dress is a size too big.  No worries, right? You can just take it to your neighborhood tailor and have it altered.  You head to the tailoring shop, only to learn that the alterations will cost more than the dress itself. Here’s why. 

An unskilled tailor will tell you that they can sew right through those sequins and just snip off the ones that catch in the seam. This is true! But, if you go that route, you may want to carry a broom around with you as well. Those “caught” sequins that have been “snipped” will lead to the rest of the sequins falling off and leaving a trail of shiny pieces behind you. A skilled tailor will remove and replace, by hand, all of the sequins in the area that’s to be altered.  This is because, unless properly finished/tied off, the remaining sequins will continue to fall off.

Now, unless you’ve purchased a piece that is couture (read, very pricey), many sequined garments are poorly designed – especially in this era of fast fashion. They can be poorly lined, leaving you scratching like an alley cat. They can have sequins poorly placed and digging in under your arms or other areas. They can be be missing sections of sequins altogether!

Relining and dealing with sequins can all be quite expensive. Even what seems to be a simple alteration can take hours. We look at it this way: A garment may cost even $1, but it’ll look like a million bucks if altered with the sincere knowledge and attention to detail that a skilled tailor can provide.

If you aren’t auditioning for the leading role of “When Sequins Attack,” you may want to steer clear of purchasing that inexpensive sequined gown – aka “fool’s gold.” If it’s a piece that you’ve just got to have, try sending over a photo and asking your tailor how much the anticipated alterations may cost before you invest in the garment.

At Cheryl’s, we’re happy to talk with you about the pieces that you’re thinking of adding to your wardrobe. We value being able to help you make an educated decision about your wardrobe purchases or choices. We’re passionate and intentional when we do our work and that is why our community considers us the best.

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