Power of The Perfect Fit



You know how absolutely fabulous you feel when you try on a dress or a suit, or even a pair of jeans, and you just know they fit perfectly ? You’re confident and feel powerful – as if you could take on any situation and win – when you know you look great, right?

If only that happened every time you went shopping! But it doesn’t. Because clothes that come off the rack are made to fit a “standard” body type … which doesn’t really exist. There are too many human beings who are shaped in too many ways for one garment to fit everyone — even those who wear the same size. 

So how can you get the look of the folks you see on TV or on the red carpet whose clothes seem made for them? Well, sometimes, like for red carpet events, the ensembles have been custom made. But, more often, folks in the public eye have simply had their clothes tailored so that they show their bodies at their best. They’ve bought quality garments and then taken them to a quality tailor. Anything can be tailored — even jeans and tee shirts — if they don’t fit the way you’d like.

Many of our clients have told us how much better they feel when their clothes actually fit. Even some of the fashionistas who help you at the front counter have said that they only really came to appreciate the importance of a good fit once they began working here. And we admit it: we’re definitely, and happily, guilty of contributing to an increase in the number of alteration junkies in the DMV.

Everyone, from the administrative assistant to the CEO, should tailor their clothes because a well-fitted wardrobe just makes everything, well, better. Your clothes look better, you feel better in them and that shows in the way you carry yourself, giving you an edge in the workplace. And in life.

You’ve heard of power lunches and maybe even tried power walking. Now, think about the power of the perfect fit. A power that you possess … if you choose to use it.


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