Bridal Fitting Guide

We truly appreciate your interest in our Bridal Alteration services!

Getting married is a very new and sometimes confusing process, please use this guide to get a better idea of what we can do for you!



We base our prices on the alterations being done as well as the construction and style of the dress. If you are able to provide photos or a link to an image of the dress, as well as a description of the alterations you anticipate needing, we can provide you with an idea of the cost.

Please keep in mind that all final prices are determined at your first fitting by the bridal specialist assigned to alter your gown.


Turnaround Time

We prefer a minimum of 30 days to work on all wedding gowns, and a maximum of 4 months. This is to ensure that our bridal specialists have enough time to alter your gown in between your multiple fittings, and to ensure that your body does not change too drastically during the fitting process.

We may be able to alter a gown in less than 30 days, however please keep in mind that the alterations may be subject to a rush fee determined by our bridal specialist.



You can schedule your first fitting with us via email or over the phone. We require a minimum of two fittings.

Your first fitting will include the initial pinning and discussion of how to alter your gown. Please keep in mind that all first fittings are subject to a non-refundable $50 fitting fee. This fee is only collected if you choose not to begin alterations on your gown after being fitted by one of our specialists. If you do choose to come back to have your gown altered, the fee will be applied to the total cost of your alterations.

At your second fitting, the gown will be basted with your desired alterations. None of the fabric will be cut at this point. We can determine if the alterations are perfect during this fitting, and adjust them until they are.

The dress will then be completed for a third, optional fitting in which you can try on the dress one last time to confirm the alterations were completed to your expectations. We then press, steam, and package your dress for a pick-up at your convenience.


Family & Friends

We highly recommend that you invite someone to come with you to your bridal fittings. A second opinion is always helpful, and you may want someone to learn firsthand, from our specialist, how to bustle your gown.

However, please keep in mind that we are a small business, we ask that you do not invite more than two people to your fitting. If you do plan to have more than two people present, please let us know in advance.


We hope this helps a bit!

Please feel free to contact us to schedule your first Bridal Fitting

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