What kind of alteration services do you provide?

All kinds. We offer everything from button replacements to wedding gown alterations. We have a variety of skilled tailors, and we always assign the tailor who is the most well-versed for the alteration you need done.

Do I need an appointment?

We only require appointments for bridal fittings and custom tailoring.

If you can’t make it to our shop during our business hours, if you have a ton of garments you’d like to have fitted at once, or if you have a favorite tailor or seamstress that you’d like to meet with, then you are welcome to contact us and schedule an appointment.

What should I bring to my fitting?

Ladies, please come to your fitting with any specialty underpinnings for the garment(s) you are having altered. Please also don’t forget to bring the shoes or a similar height shoe that you plan on wearing with the garment(s) you are having altered.

Gentlemen, please come to your fitting with appropriate shoes if you are having pants altered, and an appropriate shirt if you are having a suit jacket altered.

How long will my alterations take?

Our turnaround time is based on the alterations you’d like done as well as our current workload. We offer same-day service for pant hems, small repairs, and emergency situations. However, we typically request 1-2 weeks for major alterations.

If you absolutely cannot wait 1-2 weeks to receive your altered garments, we may be able to accommodate a quicker turnaround time depending on our current workload. Please keep in mind that a rush fee may be applied.

Bridal alterations and custom tailoring typically require more time to be completed, as well as a scheduled appointment. Contact us today for more information about these services!

How much will my alterations cost?

For the most part, all garments are made differently, therefore we price them differently as we look for the absolute best ways to get your desired look out of your garments.

Please bring your garments in to our shop for the most accurate and fair price for your alterations. If you’d only like an estimate, please feel free to call us or send us a message with a description of the work you need done.

What is a fitting fee? How is it applied?

In order to ensure that we can provide exceptional services to you, our tailors will spend a considerable amount of time fitting you before actually beginning any alterations.

If you choose not to get your alterations done by us after one of our tailors has spent a considerable amount of time fitting you, a fitting fee will be applied to your visit. The fitting fee is $25 for standard fittings and $50 for bridal fittings per hour. All fitting fees are non-refundable and applicable to the cost of your alterations if you do choose to work with us!

Can I come by just to get my measurements taken?

Absolutely! Any client of ours can come by our shop anytime during our business hours to have their measurements taken free of charge.

If you are not yet a client of ours and do not plan on getting any custom tailoring or alterations done during your visit, there will be a $25 fee applied for a full set of measurements (head-to-toe), and a $15 fee applied for a half set of measurements (top or bottom only).

Please note that we can only accept cash payment for measurements.

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